Your external partners have never been closer

Say goodbye to traditional remote services. Say hello to nearsurance

After years in tech service delivery and over 450 successful projects, Strypes has developed a new project success matrix, called nearsurance.


What is nearsurance?

Local Expert

Coaching & Management

Remote Agile Team

Delivery of work packages

Nearsurance is a combination between the benefits of nearshoring and quality assurance by having professionals onsite at the customer location.

The nearsurance model can help you when you need to be flexible in scaling up your teams. Scale up a team outside of your company and simply switch it off when the job is done. In the nearsurance model you only pay for what is delivered.


How it works?

One of the success factors is that we can put local project managers on your projects. They are close with the team. In the same time we provide a person on side who can analyse if the outsourcing is efficient for you and who can improve and tweak the process.

Local Experts

We have local experts (front-officers) who will be the sparring partners to setup the nearshoring model and process within your organisation.

They will support and coach both organisations (Strypes and Client) towards a successful agile nearshoring model.

Remote Agile Team

The remote agile team provided by Strypes is in direct contact with a product owner or project lead of the client.

The flexibility also comes with your requirements. The scaling can be from 40 hours to (for example) 240 hours per week.


What are the benefits?

We inquire about the client's specific needs and challenges, assess the specifications and assemble the right team for the project. The ultimate goal is to unburden the client and build a long-lasting partnership.

We have agile teams that self organise the work

We deliver work packages

We take full responsibility for these work packages

We use Scrum/Kanban including the product owner


What clients say

Strypes is committed and prepared to go the extra mile to deliver what we promise to our customers

- Doron Nethe (CEO People's Playground)

With Strypes we are able to setup a dashboard for Azure Straming Analytics of IoT messages, enabling visualization of Key Performance indicators and other strategic data at a glance.

- Alexander Dotzler (CEO CIS Solutions GmbH)
Tired of non working models & lack of capacity? Try nearsurance today!